Bruno Corsi's "Yellow Fin" building

32 ft Eclipse catamaran - Woods Design


Building Completion

August 6th 2011

First test at sea
In front of the coast between Ostia and Fiumicino (Rome).

Apparent wind: 8-8,5 kt at 60-65°
Speed: 5,5-7,0 kt

This first exit (still dressed for work) was very exciting  and I found it funny steer with the stick. The first impression, in general, has been quite positive.

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April-July 2011

During this period have been completed the fixtures and fittings internal.
In this update pictures showing the  progress of the work, starting from the most recent and going back.
Grandchildren came on board.  
  Yellow fin is ready to leave the yard on the Tiber and move to a new place downstream the river, after the bridge.
 Sailmaker is checking sails  
Wiring diagrams 
Insulation sheet installed between the hull wall and internal pw finishing. 
Antiskid have to be applied on  floors and some exterior sufaces.

Launch  - April 18th 2011

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December 2010- April 2011

During this period have been completed the fixtures and fittings external.
In this update pictures showing the  progress of the work, starting from the most recent and going back.


Net installation.

Moke-up in pv for the swimming ladder.
Connection completed. If needed the link can be disconnetted quite easily.
Near the hydraulic piston, easily accessible from the cockpit, there is a by-pass valve between the hydraulic piping, for disconnecting the rudder from the hydraulic pump. This make lighter steering with stick or autopilot.
  Moke up in pv, for the connection between the hydraulic piston (linked to the wheel) and the rudder stock.

 Wheel and motor control intallation

Engine intallation
Battery compartment in progress.
Switchboard in progress
Test for daggerboard fitting.

Detail of the zink for equipotential system and high surface copper plate for dispersion of atmospheric electric charges.

Building of rudder block in progress

Details of forestay attack and bowsprit


8th of December, 2010

Since the last update a lot of work have been done for the external surfaces preparation, before the final polyurethane spray painting. The fairing with epoxy filler was really a hard work and, up to 7 coats of plastering and sanding, in some cases was necessary to obtain satisfactory results. After this all external surfaces was painted with two hands of epoxy primer and, after additional work of fine filling and sanding, two final coats of bicomponent polyurethane spray painting  was applied.
After painting, all hatches, portholes and windows was mounted, then actually the boat is completely sealed and watertight.
Also internal finishing work started again and some progresses was made.

The following pictures start from the most recent and go back.

Heads compartment preparation in progress.

Bridgedeck area.

Side: are visible wood elements, epoxi glued on the ceiling, to attack the false ceiling.

Bottom: the table is near to be finished.
Some outside views.
Detail of a window.

Yellow fin is ready for spray painting

Daggerboard case inclusion into the port hull and 3x600g/m2 biaxial curing on both, internal and external, sides.

Some additional pictures from interiors.
End of May 2010

External protection has been finally, partially removed and protection from sun is added. Now it has been really too warm to work under total plastic cover as before.
A detail of engine case and of scuppers for water drain from cockpit.
March 2010

Interior fornitures building continues. For external working it is still too cold.
Lavatory forniture in progress
Cooking area
Starbord hull steps